Friday, March 3, 2017

Rx Threading

Basically -
SubscribeOn  ThreadPoolScheduler - ttoprocess in a backgroup theres
ObserveOn DispatcherScheduler - to get on the UI the UI thread.

This will queue up on the observer quickly. We can improve this code by using the ObserveOn operator, which allows you to specify the context that you want to use to send pushed notifications (OnNext) to observers. By default, the ObserveOn operator ensures that OnNext will be called as many times as possible on the current thread. You can use its overloads and redirect the OnNext outputs to a different context. In addition, you can use the SubscribeOn operator to return a proxy observable that delegates actions to a specific scheduler. For example, for a UI-intensive application, you can delegate all background operations to be performed on a scheduler running in the background by using SubscribeOn and passing to it a ThreadPoolScheduler. To receive notifications being pushed out and access any UI element, you can pass an instance of the DispatcherScheduler to the ObserveOn operator.
The following example will schedule any OnNext notifications on the current Dispatcher, so that any value pushed out is sent on the UI thread. This is especially beneficial to Silverlight developers who use Rx.

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